What Is Hospice Care?

grandmother and granddaughter outside with the flowers

Many people shy away from hospice care because they see it as “giving up.” In truth, hospice is about creating a space of peace and comfort. It’s about improving one’s quality of life.

The goal of hospice care is to maximize a patient’s comfort and quality of life through pain management and symptom control. This may happen through medications, spiritual guidance, a gentle massage or the simple companionship provided by a volunteer sitting by your bed and holding your hand. We provide a holistic program of care, designed to meet our patients’ physical, mental and spiritual needs. We also provide support to family members through grief counseling, support groups and by providing them with resources to help them through their journey.

Many families tell us they wish they had chosen hospice treatment sooner. Studies have shown that choosing hospice early on may enhance and prolong life, providing the opportunity of creating more memories and living each moment to the fullest.